Packaging Solutions Concept to Delivery

Allpack Solutions has over 20 years experience in the Packaging Industry. We like to consider ourselves the most Convenient “Turn-Key” Solution for any business.

Having your purchasing Department deal with multiple suppliers, multiple people and quoting, takes up a lot of valuable time in a day. Why not just go to one supplier who can do everything for you….

That’s where our years of experience and great relationships with our multiple suppliers come in to play. We know who to call and where to go for any size order on almost any type of package or supply. With our experience we can decipher which supplier will work best for what you’re looking for and still be very competitive. We’ve been dealing with all of our suppliers for many years and have great buying power and relationships with all of them.

Allpack Custom Packaging

When it comes to Custom Boxes, Corrugate POP, POS Retail Displays, Pulp Moulded Packaging, Clear PET Folding boxes or PVC Thermoforming. We work closely with our clients from the beginning of a project to the end offering,

  • Design
  • 3D Renderings
  • Full mock up samples plain or digitally printed
  • to finished product

We also supply an array of Packaging Protection to our customers to make sure product can arrive safely. Some of those items are,

  • EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) That’s the hard foam that typically is white. It has several types of strengths and can be hot wire cut so no extra tooling costs
  • PE foams (Polyethylene foam), that’s the “spongey” softer foam which also has several different densities for strength. We can offer water cut to save on tooling but for more intricate pieces can be die-cut
  • Pulp Moulded protection is a great solution for the more environmentally friendly way to protect your products.
  • Bubble wraps, Air pillows and machines are also available
  • EPS Foam Peanuts or Bio friendly Foam peanuts
  • Corner edge or corner board protection ( Using this mainly to cover corners on your skid loads for protection during shipment)
  • Providing a service for Drop Testing if required for ISTA, FEDEX, UPS Standards.

Packaging Supplies offered by Allpack Solutions,

  • Regular Clear Box tape, and tape guns.
  • Printed poly Tapes, to help promote your business outside of your box!
  • Reinforced water activated tape or What is also called Gum Tape. We also can have this custom printed too.
  • Machine Tape ( Larger rolls of Clear tape for Automated tape machines)
  • Printed Labels, Custom 4 colour process labels, glossy, matte or spot varnishes, Foil stamping or Plain white labels are available.
  • Thermal Transfer Labels
  • Thermal Transfer Ribbon
  • Direct Thermal Transfer Labels
  • Hand Stretch Wraps
  • Machine Stretch Wraps, we sell the machines too!
With Allpack Solutions we try making your experience as convenient as possible. We really hope you’ll try us out to see how great our Services and Solutions will be for your business!

Areas of Service

Greater Toronto Area
City of Kawartha Lakes
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